A Movie Called life

Let’s get this shit straight, I’m a woman from India battling cancer and Split up simultaneously and its not me in the picture, I feel like Israel. My Life has given me enough amount of shit to deal with already which has made me free from tones of shit that I don’t care about now. While I see people so conscious about shit that I gave up a long time ago it doesn’t make me feel superior or make them laughable. It just makes me feel that the best way to live is to adapt the changes around you, Take responsibility and care less about a lot of things that are overrated.  Of course I fear a lot of things and feel the need of overcoming them but hey! That’s what life is for.

This Life brought me a lot of joy when I was a little kid unaware of the darker side or you may say the more serious side of the movie called life. I come from a small town called Rourkela at Odisha in India; I completed my studies in the same city living with my parents, having small joys, fun, fights, troubles etc that will live in my memories forever. The beauty of a small city is that it’s like a souvenir; you get big beauty and happiness carved in a small Size. Things are simple, Evenings are quiet, old things preserved and working. Same people and places since so many years.

Well, Kissing the entire blog (keeping it simple silly) the past 5 years of my life has been nothing less than a movie, I fell blindly in love with a wonderful man only to split up. I lost my mother to cancer just four days after my wedding. Looking at my retired father everyday and asking myself what on earth keeps him going on?  I dealt with the highest order of patriarchy, full Indian style.  Being broke and jobless and finally being diagnosed by the villain itself called Breast cancer.

All summed up, I learnt to kiss life with passion, taking every challenge head on. Learning to transform all my fears to power.  knowing what to give a damn about and what not to. Looking at death in the eye and saying “No, not right now buddy”.

I decided to make more friends as I walk this lane and started this blog to share my experiences hoping that even if a single line of it makes you smile or helps you jump that hurdle I shall be content. So stay in touch with me through this blog as I take you through my personal and non fictional story of life, Small snippets and moments where love of life won the fear of death, Moments of bending down and gathering all my lost confidence and build a shield out of it. Facing the world bald and strong headed. Seeing love turn into hate, and finally learning to withstand the storm and smile.

14 thoughts on “A Movie Called life

  1. Still u r smiling n shining girl !! U r truly an inspiration 😊
    Blessed dat I got to know u n and ur journey of life . Keep smiling 😊

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  2. Hey Mona..I like ua spirit..Keep fighting n never back down.We all r there for u.Keep smiling..

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  3. Anupama Satpathy November 3, 2018 — 6:43 pm

    More Power to U beautiful 😘😘😘

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  4. I wish that every day your strength grows and you become happier and healthier! Fill yourself with all the positive energy ……

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  5. I had tears in my eyes, just want to say love you mona , stay strong and stay blessed always😘😘😇😇.

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  6. You are one badass girl I admire and feel proud of being your friend. More power to you girl!

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  7. Sometimes you have to be your own hero ..
    Reminding your self to smile away the problems .

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